Ringtailed Lemurs in Madagascar

The primary objective of Trotters World of Animals is wildlife conservation and promotion of sustainable lifestyles through experiential learning.

We believe that the future is in the hands of the world’s young people and our education programme aims to emphasize the interdependence of human beings, the animal world and the natural environment.

The guiding principles of our education programme are:

  • To promote an awareness, respect and responsible attitude towards the enjoyment and appreciation of the Lake District and the natural world as a whole.

  • To give groups an understanding of how landscape, plants, animals and ourselves are interrelated by fully utilizing the educational potential of our unique variety of living animals and setting within the Lake District.

  • To introduce groups and individuals to the rich culture and heritage of the countries of origin of the various species within the collection.

  • To empower groups and individuals and to inspire them with the concept that simple, small lifestyle changes can have an awesome affect on the world around us.